Shop Best Movado Watch in Foshan OHSEN Watch Co,. Ltd.

Shop Best Movado Watch in Foshan OHSEN Watch Co,. Ltd.


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In recent years, movado watch has become the most popular product of Foshan OHSEN Watch Co,. Ltd.. We pay great attention to the product details and we push the design team to make great technical improvements. At the same time, we're concerned about the selection of raw materials and we eliminated quality problems from the source. Only reliable raw material suppliers can cooperate strategically with us. OHSEN products have gained increased loyalty from current customers. Customers are greatly satisfied with the economic results they have achieved. Thanks to these products, our company has built a good reputation in the market. The products represent the finest craftsmanship in the industry, attracting more and more repeat customers and new customers. These products have gained robust sales growth since introduction.We help our service team understand what they are dealing with - customers' concerns and visions, which is important to improve our service level at OHSEN Sport Watches. We gather feedback by performing customer satisfaction interviews with both new and long-time customers, knowing where we're doing bad and how to improve.
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Discover the Sleek Signature Look of Movado Watches
Discover the Sleek Signature Look of Movado Watches
Movado Watches began creating fine timepieces way back in 1881, eventually patenting innovative movement and automatics. Since the inception of the company, Movado watches have been considered some of the most elegant and luxurious timepieces that a person could wear or present to someone else as a gift. One of the most popular Movado Watches is the Womens Swing Swiss Quartz Museum Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. This is most definitely a sleek and contemporary watch for todays woman. The Swing timepieces includes a round silver-tone stainless case with a sunray pattern on the back of the polished case. The dial is beautiful, fashioned in a round black backing that features Movados signature silver-tone dot marker at the 12:00 point. The hour and minute hands are also silver-tone, as is the stainless steel band. Swiss Quartz movement ensures that youor the lucky lady to whom you present this timeless watchwill never be late for important appointments or events.Another popular watch, this one made for men, is the S.E. Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. As elegant and sleek as the Womens Swing, this one is definitely masculine in its design. The stainless steel bracelet is fashioned from links, and the black dial covers a dependable Swiss Quartz movement. The hour and minute hands are silver-tone, as is the signature Movado dot at the 12:00 hour. This watch is also water resistant to 100 feet (30 meters), making it a fine timepiece to wear while boating, skiing or enjoying other water sports. But it is also a formidable looking watch in the boardroom. So any man will wear this watch with comfort and pride, no matter what activity he is enjoying.Sleek doesnt only come in silver-tone. The Womens Rondiro Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is a fine example of the kind of gleam that makes a ladys eyes sparkle. With the signature look of Movados black dial and numberless face, this watch is the height of sophistication with a touch of feminine charm. It is also as durable and functional all the other watches made by Movado, offering Swiss Quartz movement and a sapphire crystal. Any woman who loves the look of gold will love the sheen that is given off by the Rondiro.Men can enjoy the look of gold, too, when they wear the Mens Juro Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. This fine timepiece features the black face that identifies it as a Movado design, while the hour and minute handsand the 12:00 dotare in gold-tone. The bezel is gold-tone, too, while the stainless steel bracelet is mostly silver-tone with some gold accent links. The crystal is sapphire, the movement is Swiss Quartz, and the look is all elegance.Business women often want their accessories to be businesslike, but without losing that femininity they prize. The Womens Military Swiss Quartz Black Dial Two-tone Watch meets the goal of such business women. The stainless steel round case is gold-tone, surrounding the famous black Movado dial with matching gold-tone bezel, plus hour and minute hands. The stainless steel bracelet is silver-tone for that subtle sheen that wont detract from business, and yet it also wont detract from your womanly grace. This is a sleek and lovely watch that you will wear with pride.Gentlemen also appreciate a watch that looks all business but presents a handsome face to the world. The Mens Luno Swiss Quartz Round Silver-tone Case Watch is just the one. This time, the round dial comes in silver-tone to match the stainless steel case and bracelet. The hour and minute hands match, and rotate safely beneath the resilient sapphire crystal. Second markers surround the outer edge of the face and the Movado marker sits at the 12:00 position. This is a handsome timepiece that youor a friendwill always treasure.Ladies, your timepieces dont come much sleeker than the Womens Harmony Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. The round stainless steel case surrounds the black Movado face and gold-tone hour and second hands. The stainless steel bracelet is silver-tone with gold-tone accents, and is as stylish as a fine piece of jewelry. This is a feminine watch that speaks of luxury and dependability. Youll want to wear it everywhere you go.Another example of sleek beauty for men is the Valor Tungsten Carbide Bracelet Watch. This timepiece features a rectangular black face with silver-tone hour and minute hands, with the signature Movado dot marker at the 12:00 position. The Movado name sits just beneath the dot, declaring to the world that this is one of the finest timepieces ever made. The bracelet is made of tungsten steel for toughness and beauty, and the movement is Swiss Quartz for the dependability that any discerning man expects from Movado.Each Movado Watch comes packaged in a signature Movado box along with instructions for set up and operation. But its the timepiece inside that will have the recipientor yourselfsmiling with joy every time the watch is worn.
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